THE YEAR:  2000


Our Xmas card photo

THE PHOTO:   Summer vacation at Glacier National Park. Great scenery, and we managed to avoid the raging Montana fires although there was a burn ban in the campgrounds.

THE PARENTS:  Burr is overseeing lots of new development at the airport as planning director, and his work on an international committee took him to Scotland this year -- where he was excited to find some Stewart roots.  Barbara's freelancing has provided a variety of work; flexibility for family activities; and a chance to exercise, volunteer, take some cello lessons and join a small women's chorus.

THE KIDS:  Robin is a junior in high school and still really into computers and math. Activities like cross-country running, singing, digital yearbook, and drawing/painting, plus driver's ed., "round out" a full academic schedule.  Laurel is in 8th grade, which has only seven kids -- just two of them girls!  She continues to be busy with singing (including a national honor choir), violin, and Youth Symphony. 
Other highlights: for Robin, a kayak trip in the beautiful San Juan Islands; for Laurel, a dig for dinosaur bones in Montana; and for both, their second overnight cross-country ski trip, and this year's extraordinary theatrical experience: being in a 3-1/2-hour musical version of Romeo and Juliet.

THE MODEL RAILROAD:  Occasionally progressing.  Burr says, "I seem to have more tools than time..."

THE WISH:  Very happy holidays and a joy-filled new year!

Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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