THE YEAR: 2002 — the year that Robin went off to college!

THE PHOTO: 7,000 feet high enjoying the mountains of British Columbia in late June—people were actually still skiing and snowboarding there (Whistler) in the summer.

THE PARENTS: Burr is enjoying his still relatively new job as strategic planning manager for the Port of Seattle and has really gotten into “sustainable development.” Barbara is still doing freelance writing and taking advantage of a flexible schedule for family, school participation, exercise (she added Yoga recently), and singing in a chorus.

THE KIDS: Robin is now a thriving freshman at Williams College (Williamstown, MA). This wonderful college has everything going for it except its distance from home! It is beautiful and has so much to offer! Robin is in the college chorus and building up the juggling club among other activities and academics. Laurel is now a sophomore and still having a ball (and even less sleep). She was elected secretary of student government and continues to sing and act in and outside of school. Last spring she was Gretl in “Sound of Music.” This summer’s extraordinary theatrical experience for both kids was the inspiring musical Man of La Mancha.

THE MODEL RAILROAD: Still progressing in sporadic bouts of compulsiveness. Burr keeps intending to work on scenery, but instead seems obsessed with laying track up to the summit of “Stevens Pass” in the Cascade Mountains.

THE WISH: Happy holidays…and peace.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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