THE YEAR: 2003 — the year that Burr’s model railroad was selected for next summer’s National Model Railroad Convention! (See below.)

THE PHOTO: Well-fed Stewarts after a Sunday waffle brunch.

THE PARENTS: Burr enjoys managing strategic planning for the Port of Seattle, and he’s trying to apply the concepts of sustainable development to Port projects. Barbara is still freelance writing, and she recently became a certified teacher of English as a Second Language.

THE KIDS: Robin is now a thriving sophomore still loving Williams College. He sings in the choir, heads up the juggling club, and plans to major in computer science. Laurel is a busy high school junior. She was re-elected student government secretary and has a very active singing life. Both kids were lucky enough to go to Europe last summer – Robin on a choir tour to Sweden, Finland and Estonia; and Laurel on an academic program at Oxford, where she won an award for outstanding journalism.

THE MODEL RAILROAD: It will be viewed by bus-loads of visitors on a tour of Seattle-area model railroads in July. Before heading down to the basement these days, Burr often says, “I have a deadline!” Friends and family are helping with the scenery now, and we’re almost ready to take the first potentially publishable photo.

THE WISH: Happy holidays…and peace.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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