THE YEAR: 2004 — the year that Robin studied abroad in New Zealand!

THE PHOTO: Thanksgiving day on beautiful, sun-splashed Orcas Island.

THE PARENTS: Burr is still managing strategic planning for the Port of Seattle and trying to apply the concepts of sustainable development to Port projects. Barbara now teaches and tutors English as a Second Language, which she finds amazingly rewarding as well as appealing to the “word person” in her.

THE KIDS: Robin spent the first semester of his junior year at the University of Otago on New Zealand’s south island. He took courses in geology, global political economy and Maori culture, and visited many beautiful parts of New Zealand and Australia (pictures on view at He heads back to Williams as a Computer Science major in January. Laurel is a very busy high school senior, and we can’t believe it’s already time for her to apply to college. She was re-re-elected student government secretary and has a very active singing life. Most recently she was accepted into a small a cappella group called the Renaissance Singers (

THE MODEL RAILROAD: Burr worked quite compulsively on the model railroad and loved displaying it in July to bus-loads of enthusiastic people who visited Seattle for the National Model Railroad Association convention. If you’ve been wondering what this infamous project looks like, check out

THE WISH: Happy holidays…and peace.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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