THE YEAR: 2008 — the year of the temporarily full-again nest!

THE PHOTO: All of us together on Thanksgiving for the first time in four years.

THE PARENTS: Especially enjoyed our first European trip together - to beautiful Florence, Italy, where Robin presented a conference paper! Workwise, still enjoying teaching ESL at community college (Barbara) and managing sustainability/strategic issues at the Port of Seattle (Burr).

THE KIDS: Robin got his masterís degree in computer science at MIT and opted for the work world over continuing for the PhD. After working a few months at an internet start-up company, he got a great job as a software developer at The Omni Group (, a Seattle company that makes high-quality Macintosh applications. Laurel thrived during the summer directing the female a cappella group on Cape Cod (, and then came home to study at the University of Washington and various cooking schools before she returns to the University of Rochester in January. She now sees food writing in her future.

THE MODEL RAILROAD: Still chugging away and continuing to evolve. Come see it for yourself, or check out pictures at

THE WISH: Happy holidays…and lots of hope for change and peace.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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