THE YEAR: 2009 — the year of Burr’s early retirement (about to happen) from the Port of Seattle after nearly 30 years – now on to (what?) other things!

THE PHOTO: All of us together on Cape Cod after Laurel’s a cappella group’s concert.

THE PARENTS: Burr is visualizing “visualization” as a new career (ask him what he means by that) and also keeping other options open. Barbara still loves being an ESL teacher at a community college.

THE KIDS: Robin has been working for over a year as a software developer at The Omni Group, a
Seattle company that makes high-quality Macintosh applications. The company acquired a program he had developed himself, which is now called OmniGraphSketcher. Try it yourself if you have a Mac. Laurel directed the female a cappella group on Cape Cod ( again in the summer and then returned to the University of Rochester for her senior year. She is an English literature major and hopes to enter the publishing world after graduation.

THE MODEL RAILROAD: Still on track. Burr hosted an operating session this year for the national convention of an obscure organization called Friends of the Burlington Northern Railroad. Check out the RR at

THE WISH: Happy holidays, and a fulfilling and peaceful new year.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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