THE YEAR: 2011 — the year Hurricane Irene stopped B2 from visiting Laurel, but torrential rain didn’t stop Robin. (B2 rode out Irene in NYC with Barbara’s father; fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as predicted.)

THE PHOTOS: B2 by the East River in NYC during the calm that followed Irene, and Robin and Laurel during their rain-soaked visit in Ithaca. (We never managed to be all in the same place this year.)

THE PARENTS: Burr is amazed at how well his new consulting business has taken off, and Barbara still loves being an ESL teacher at a community college although state funding gets iffier and iffier.

THE KIDS: Robin is still in Seattle but got bored with his job and quit in November. He has many ideas for creating new innovative software. Tune in next year! Laurel still lives in Ithaca, NY, and is the graphic design and marketing specialist for Meier Industries, where she enjoys being creative on a daily basis.

THE MODEL RAILROAD: Still progressing! Check it out at

THE WISH: Happy holidays, and a peaceful new year with time to enjoy it.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel

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