THE YEAR: Both kids started new jobs at dynamic software companies.

THE PHOTOS: Laurel and Robin in one of those gorgeous gorges in Ithaca, and B2 on one of their gorgeous hikes on Orcas Island. (Again this year, we never managed to be all four of us in the same place.)

THE PARENTS: Burr's consulting continues, with a thrust this year into aerospace workforce development. Barbara still loves teaching ESL at a community college and has added math and nursing students.

THE KIDS: Robin is still in Seattle, now working as a user experience engineer at Tableau Software, where he helps design data visualization and analysis tools. In his spare time he is learning aerial circus arts. Laurel still lives in Ithaca, NY, and now works at GrammaTech, also a software company, where she does graphic design, marketing, website development, and search engine optimization. She gets organic vegetables every week and delights in cooking.

THE MODEL RAILROAD: Still progressing! Check it out at

THE WISH: Happy holidays, and a peaceful new year with time to enjoy it.

 Burr, Barbara, Robin, & Laurel


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