The essence of what I am saying is that the world is filled with eurocentric scholars who believe that Indian pagan religions, and the math that goes along with them, could not have been the basis of their high monotheistic culture. Although these scholars have been convinced that this is true ever since "the Christian religion effectively monopolized schools and universities in medieval Europe,"19 modern evidence is proving more and more of it wrong. I find it unbelievable how little work has been done in the field; and just offensive the fact that the vast majority of the work has been done only by Indians.20 Most of the books on the subject are written in Sanskrit or Hindi.

So I conclude that, not only does it seem that "there is still much scope for the study of Vedic Mathematics,"21 but that it definitely should be studied since there is so much evidence that Indian math played such a large role in the history of mathematics. Much more work can and should be done to analyze ancient documents and to look for archaeological evidence of this very intelligent society.

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