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Sites with mainly pictures:

5 Maecenas: Images of Ancient Rome
This is a very nice site, full of pictures from all over the Roman Empire. They are organized very cleverly: first by country, and then clicking on an architectural site name takes you to a new page with a list of pictures of that structure. Another great thing about it is that it's set up so that no page takes a long time to load -- so you can easily access exactly what you want in a short amount of time. Also, the pictures themselves are very good; most of the images on my site are from this one, by Leo C. Curran.


Sites with pictures and info:

4 "Map of Ancient Rome"
A nice visual overview of sites in Ancient Rome. (Thanks Pinewood Elementary 5th grade class!)

3 "History of Roman Architecture"
A collection of the most famous Roman structures; a list of clickable thumbnails, each of which gives you a larger image with about a paragraph of information.


Sites with more links:

4 "Roman Colosseum Seating"
An overview and many more links. (Thanks Alex!)

4 "Engineering in Ancient Rome"
A focus on Roman infrastructure, with many more links. (Thanks Ellie!)

4 "Glassmaking in Roman Culture"
An overview and links focusing on the many uses of glass in the Roman Empire. (Thanks Kensie!)



3 "The History of Baths"
An overview of bath history, including Greek and Roman bathhouses. (Thanks Melanie!)


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