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Vizable is the answer to the question "What if we could make data analysis 10 times easier and faster?" I started prototyping it in 2013 under the codename Project Elastic. It was launched publicly on October 20, 2015.

So far, Tableau has filed 9 patents on this work (I am the sole inventor).

Product website:


Selected quotes from media tour:

“This is the first tool that helps me feel the presence of the data I create… I want this. This is incredibly impressive work.” -Jason Preston, founder, DENT conference
“This is going in exactly the right direction. The world needs this.” -James McQuivey, Forrester Research, author of Digital Disruption
“I totally get this. This is where we should be going. I am definitely going to write about this.” -Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief, ZDNet
“This is extremely impressive. You guys obviously know what you’re doing.” -Steve Lohr, New York Times, and author of DATA ISMS

Selected news and reviews:

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