Illustrations on the Web

I’ve been ranting again about¬†how hard it is to deal with images in web applications. I’ve touched on this topic before. It came up again because I wrote a blog post with five or six illustrations inline. It was easy enough to draft the blog post in the Mac desktop environment: I just copy/pasted or dragged the illustrations directly into my rich-text document.

When it came time to move this onto the web, however, there was no simple approach I could find. All methods involved individually uploading the illustration images and re-linking to them from within the text of the blog post. Sure, I can do that. But it’s sufficiently annoying to discourage me from using images in blog posts when at all possible.

If we are going to start meeting the needs of the half of the population who are primarily visual thinkers, we are going to have to start creating software that makes the web much more friendly towards end-user graphics.

(Does this software already exist? Let me know.)

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